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Facebook privacy suit ‘a jumbled mess’

 A privacy lawsuit filed against Facebook on behalf of 2 minors and 3 adults is more confusing than helpful

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The Beatles, participatory music & the media sea change

What the Beatles’ new videogame shows us about the media transformation we’re all experiencing, with gamers, music fans and young people leading the way By Anne Collier If you’d like some powerful insights into how music is changing, why audiences are turning into participants, and what role videogames have in all this, read “While My […]

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Should sex offenders be banned from social networking?

A new Illinois law bans sex offenders from all social networking sites. But will it make children safer? ConnectSafely’s Larry Magid thinks not.

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Online Safety 3.0: Empowering and Protecting Youth

Both the Internet and the way young people use technology are constantly changing, but Internet safety messages change very slowly if at all. A few years ago, some of us in the Net safety community started talking about how to adjust our messaging for the much more interactive “Web 2.0.” And we did so, based […]

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Kids need to learn critical thinking

Without the likes of Walter Cronkite today’s youth have to figure out “the way it is” by themselves

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A way to look at videogame violence

There may be more benefits for children in thoughtful, contextual treatment of violence in games and other art forms rather than in trying to ban violence altogether.

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Stop cyberbullying with education, not legislation

There are good stragegies to prevent and stop cyberbullying but a proposed new law isn’t one of them

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More operating systems could reduce attacks

The annoucnement of Google’s Chrome operating system has Larry wondering if it will increase or decrease security ….

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Who’s in charge in virtual worlds?

Grown-up virtual worlds are only just beginning to work out the best forms of governance in their online environments, and we’ll be watching to see how children’s VWs will contribute to the discussion.

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Should schools end Internet safety nights?

It’s time to get students involved in “Internet Safety Night” and maybe call it something else.

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