Bullying-prevention summit at the White House

By Anne Collier

President and Mrs. Obama are holding a bullying prevention summit at the White House tomorrow (March 10), and you are invited. Here’s their video invitation to watch live (links to the live stream tomorrow at the bottom of this post). The President’s schedule in WhiteHouse.gov says that he and the First Lady will deliver opening remarks at 10:35 ET. The White House says it will have “live video throughout the day [here], including online chats where you can discuss bullying with experts on the subject. We’re already taking questions for one of them [here].” The summit will include a panel of these researchers: Justin Patchin of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and the Cyberbullying Research Center, Catherine Bradshaw of Johns Hopkins University, George Sugai of the University of Connecticut, and Susan Swearer-Napolitano of the University of Nebraska. Other participants will include Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan; Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes; Jason Rzepka of MTV, creators of AThinLine.org; and Togetherville Founder Mandeep Dhillon. Here’s the White House blog post about the event and Facebook’s page where the proceedings will be streamed. For background, here are some great background resources associated with the summit at StopBullying.gov.

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