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About our strange way of understanding teen sexting

Guest post by Nina Funnell Based on her many thoughtful conversations with youth and adults about sexting over several years, Australian researcher and author Nina Funnell – who I met and heard speak at an Internet safety conference in Sydney last year – offers adults the rare opportunity to step outside the box of conditioned, […]

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Teens on social media’s impact on relationships: Survey

Today a guest post that shows how much we need to understand the relationship between social media and social life – in other words, get more granular in our understanding of how social media affect the relationships in our lives (our lives as a whole, not just the online parts)…. Guest post by Kris Gowen […]

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Holding parents responsible for their child’s bullying

Guest post by Justin W. Patchin Without a doubt, parents have a duty to do their part to ensure that their kids do not bully others.  They need to regularly remind their kids about the importance of treating others the way they would want to be treated.  They should talk about how some things we […]

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Dave Taylor: The Internet doesn’t have a delete key

by Dave Taylor It’s something that I hear from teens all the time, the refrain that “it’s cool, I can just delete it if it’s a problem” when we’re talking about online safety, privacy and the risk associated with everything that’s posted online. They assure me that those pictures on Facebook, the awkward photo from […]

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Mike Males: Looking for FACTS in the news of UK teen sexting

YouthFacts.org exposes the “problem inflation” reporting about and disrespect for youth in the Daily Mail’s recent story on UK teen sexting.

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Hemanshu Nigam: Scammers don’t need your charity!

By Hemanshu Nigam “OH MY GOD! That is SO sad!,” you say as you watch the tragic news on TV or read through the articles you find on Google News or MSNBC.com about the recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, and Turkey. Then suddenly, as if someone was listening, you get an email titled “Help Earthquake […]

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