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Google to (re) enter social networking arena

June 29, 2011

by Larry Magid It’s too early to know how it will affect kids and families, but Google is launching a new social networking service to compete with Facebook. Google has

Talk with your kids about being safer online

June 27, 2011

by Larry Magid Although there are plenty of tools that can be used to try to control or monitor what your kids are doing online, the best approach for most parents is that

Predator Panic Making a Comeback

May 22, 2011

by Larry Magid I thought we were past the days of “predator panic.”  Around 2006, when To Catch A Predator was on TV just about weekly, there were lots of news

Online safety tied to real world behavior

May 22, 2011

by Larry Magid I’ve been working in the field of Internet safety for 17 years and the deeper I get into it, the more I realize that Internet safety for kids and teens

FTC Warns about Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Dangers

February 14, 2011

by Larry Magid The Web site, operated by the Federal Trade Commission, Justice Department, Homeland Security,and other federal agencies, is warning people
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