Articles by Anne Collier

Ultimate photo-sharing on phones

October 31, 2007

Young digital socializers will love this: sending social-network-based photos to friends' phones. CNET's CTIA (mobile phone industry trade show) blog reviews MySpace

Google & friends’ face-off with Facebook

October 31, 2007

Remember when Facebook announced last spring that it plans to be the social-networking "platform" (see this )? Well, Google has created a social-networking alliance

New mobile ‘social networks’

October 30, 2007

This is "the year of social networks" for cellphones, CNET reported in its coverage of last week's mobile-phone-industry trade show. So it reviews five

How YouTube stardom works

October 30, 2007

Of course "stardom" on the social Web is different from mass-media stardom. Take bands in MySpace, for example – fame is more dispersed but intimate. Artists

Parents on kids’ Net use: Study

October 29, 2007

We're a little more ambivalent about our children's Net use than we used to be – but that doesn't mean more of us think the Internet is bad for them,

Parental concerns are important

October 29, 2007

eMarketer points out how important parents' views of social networking are to this social-Web business. It cites the research of Parks Associates as showing that

Social networker age verification revisited

October 26, 2007

Parents often ask us why on Earth social-networking sites can't just block teens altogether – verify their ages or something? After all, it's all over the US

US sites, foreign social networking

October 26, 2007

When the user-driven social Web meets the fairly evolved consumer-privacy and free-speech laws of the US (where many social-networking sites are based) meets the laws and

Microsoft’s moves in social space

October 25, 2007

More obvious this week were Microsoft's plans for the social Web both mobile and fixed. CEO Steve Ballmer said in a keynote at the mobile phone industry's
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