Articles by Anne Collier

Extreme cyberbullying: US case

November 16, 2007

Unlike other extreme cyberbullying cases I've written about, this one occurred in the US and ended in a teenager's suicide. In this case, covered this week in a

Japan’s cyberbullying problem

November 16, 2007

Bullying can be 24/7 in Japan too, but there it's as much over the phone as on the Web in this country where 96% of high school students have mobile phones. Reuters cites

For videogamers’ parents

November 15, 2007

Less than half – 43% – of parents of kids who play video games play them with their children, the Associated Press reports, citing a just-released AOL/AP survey.

Videogames: Great teachers for good & bad

November 15, 2007

They are very effective teaching tools, a new study found, including for teaching aggression. "Students who played multiple violent video games actually learned through

Bebo’s part in differentiation trend

November 14, 2007

Bebo stands out as a great example of how social sites are differentiating themselves. It's moving from being purely about social networking to being a social-media

Sex-trafficking in Canada, US

November 14, 2007

This story about sex trafficking in the Edmonton Sun is not about teen social networkers, it's about adults. But I'm including it this week as an extreme example of

Clear-eyed look at Net risks

November 13, 2007

Rarely do we see balanced reporting on the subject of children's online safety. So it was good to see USATODAY's Janet Kornblum looking at both the real risks and the

Virtual vs. real: Line blurring

November 12, 2007

William Gibson – the one-time science fiction author who now writes about the present and coined "cyberspace" – had something to say about youth in an

Social networking: What cops know

November 9, 2007

Indiana State Police Lt. Charles Cohen's 16-year-old nephew "has seven MySpace pages, including one in which he and his buddies pretend to be Chuck Norris," the

Tragic school shooting in Finland

November 8, 2007

A high school student in Finland shot and killed himself, six other students, and the school principal yesterday "after announcing plans for the rampage on
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