Articles by Anne Collier

Videogames increasingly social

September 21, 2007

Increasingly, experts are saying that banning a teen's use of social networking is like banning (or more likely inhibiting) his or her social life. That's

Trend: Exclusive social networking

September 20, 2007

Business Week calls them "online country clubs," and they're becoming a trend: not just niche social-networking sites, but exclusive niche sites.

Online eating-disorder communities

September 19, 2007

Eating disorder communities have been with us as long as there were eating disorders. When I was in high school, long before anyone but a handful of innovative researchers

Social networking’s impact on RL

September 19, 2007

How is online social networking changing socializing in real life? It's a very interesting question that people – from researchers to social networkers themselves

CA teen-driver law signed

September 18, 2007

Just a quick update to last week's item about teen drivers using tech: "Signed into law Thursday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bill by Democratic state Sen. Joe

The kitchen computer

September 18, 2007

By Anne Collier A family doesn’t really need HP’s $1,700 touchscreen computer for the kitchen (to keep coffee and cereal-milk spills off of keyboards), but the

Schools, state laws & cyberbullying

September 17, 2007

By Anne Collier A Texas schools superintendent said that any online behavior that detracts from learning in school is going to get school action, and his schools have

Social networking & school

September 14, 2007

By Anne Collier The US’s 14th-largest school district believes social-networking tools have instructional value. Ted Davis, director of enterprise information services

Innovative child-protection tech

September 13, 2007

Its creator, Adam Hildreth, 22, calls it the Anti-Grooming Engine, The Guardian reports. "He claims the product is 99.9% effective in identifying adults online with a

If Gandhi had a MySpace profile

September 7, 2007

By Anne Collier “What would Gandhi have done if he had a MySpace account?” Stephen Carrick-Davies, CEO of Childnet International, asked social networkers at a
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