Attorneys sanctioned for cyberbullying

By Anne Collier

I hope no parent thinks cyberbullying is just “kid stuff.” Before we can really expect our children to put a stop to it, we adults will have to stop modeling social aggression ourselves! Case in point (no pun intended): “Two Florida lawyers who called each other a ‘retard’ and ‘scum sucking loser’ in escalating email insults [over six months] have been sanctioned by the state supreme court,” the ABA Journal reports. Kurt Mitchell in Palmetto, an accident lawyer, was suspended for 10 days and ordered to attend an anger management class, and Nicholas Mooney in Tampa got a public reprimand and was ordered to take a class on professionalism. The Florida Supreme Court’s sanctions came after two complaints by the state Bar Association. The St. Petersburg Times provides the details of their pathetic email fight (I won’t say “juvenile” because it would be disrespectful of the majority of teens who don’t engage in this kind of behavior).

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