About those little gamers

By Anne Collier

We know from the researchers at Pew/Internet that 97% of US 12-to-17-year-olds play digital games, and now we know from Trend Micro that 41% of households with kids aged 5 and under have Net-connected game consoles. Here’s a little more data the company recently turned up in working with families in the US and UK:

* The top three gaming devices used by people under 18 are: game consoles (56%), game handhelds (43%), and laptops (40%).
* 41% of kids under 5 years are playing videogames on a Net-connected game console.
* 27% of those U5s own their own wireless handheld gaming device but only 5% of parents of kids under 5 feel it’s appropriate for them to go online with their own computer
* 35% of parents of kids under 5 have not talked to their kids about online security.

The data are from Trend Micro’s “Digital Joneses Project” in which the company is keeping up with how “everyday families [7 in the US and 10 in the UK] use the Internet in their lives and the problems and issues they may face as a result.”

Info for parents about safe, secure digital gaming*

* PS3
* Xbox 360
* Xbox Kinect
* Wii
* Playstation3 security from Trend Micro
* GetGameSmart.com
* ConnectSafely.org’s Tips for Smart Videogaming

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