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Founded in 2005, ConnectSafey.org is a leading online safety organization, dedicated to educating users of connected technology about safety, privacy and security.

Whether it’s social media, mobile technology or the “Internet of Things,” connected technologies bring us enormous advantages, along with some challenges. ConnectSafely’s job is to help users get the most from their technology while managing the risks and help decision makers craft sensible policies that encourage both innovation and responsible use. ConnectSafely has been a leading voice for rational, research-informed policies — not “moral panics” — when it comes to dealing with challenges brought about by emerging technologies.

With its safety tips, signature Parents’ Guides and Educator Guides, advice articles, news and commentary, the organization helps stakeholders be safer and more secure with connected technology while helping parents, educators and policy makers understand how young people are using technology, mostly in positive ways.

ConnectSafely was founded in 2005 when MySpace was the number-one social network and “To Catch a Predator” a highly rated TV show. Politicians were calling for regulating social media and there was considerable panic about the risk to children. But ConnectSafely took a different tack, providing youth and parents with solid advice while at the same time putting risks into context and helping calm the conversation. Its co-directors’ book, MySpace Unraveled: A Parent’s Guide to Teen Social Networking helped re-start the national conversation with research-based facts that put risks into perspective.

U.S. host of Safer Internet Day

ConnectSafely is also the official U.S. host of Safer Internet Day, a global celebration that takes place on the second Tuesday of each February, and founders of the One Good Thing campaign to surface and celebrate the many ways people of all ages and cultures use connected technology to make the world a better place.

The group’s CEO, Larry Magid is a veteran technology journalist who currently serves as the CBS News Technology Analyst and a syndicated columnist for the San Jose Mercury News. He spent 20 years as a syndicated tech columnist for the Los Angeles Times and has written numerous columns for the New York Times. His blog posts current appear on Forbes.com and Huffington Post. He wrote the first major Internet safety brochure for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and sits on that organization’s board. He is also the founder of SafeKids.com and SafeTeens.com.

Supporters and partners

ConnectSafely works closely with the world’s leading Internet companies. Our supporters include Comcast, Facebook, Google, Roblox, Microsoft, Snapchat and Twitter. Our nonprofit partners for Safer Internet Day and other projects include National PTA, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Family Online Safety Institute, Future of Privacy Forum,  National Cyber Security Alliance, Common Sense Media, Internet Education Foundation and Committee for Children.

Larry Magid – President and CEO
Maureen Kochan – Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Kerry Gallagher – Director of K-12 Education
Hani Khan – Outreach Manager

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