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Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 3.46.52 PMArkansas law could force workers to friend their boss

The Arkansas House of Representatives passed a bill on February 23rd that could require people who work for schools, religious organizations, summer camps and other youth-serving organizations and businesses to “friend” their employer so that the employer has access to ...

Net neutrality vote doesn’t end the debate
The Federal Communications Commission has ruled on net neutrality, but the debate lingers on. My Facebook feed is full of comments from friends with varying opinions about the FCC’s 3-to-2 vote in favor of network neutrality. Some feel that the vote ...

Annie Fox: A Bully? My Kid? Impossible!
By Annie Fox No parent easily swallows the idea that their child would intentionally harm another kid. “OK, maybe if Emma were strongly provoked… But even that’s not likely. She’s so sweet. Not at all a mean kid!” Your daughter may ...

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