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LewinskyCyberbullying is not a joke: Celebrities and public figures can make a difference

By Sue Scheff: Sadly, we live in a culture of digital cruelty that no one is immune to. Whether you are a celebrity, the child of a sports figure or an average person trying to get through life — you can ...

Facebook’s Scrapbook encourages photos of children, but think before you post
By Larry Magid: Facebook is testing a feature that lets parents create a “Scrapbook” of pictures of their children — including kids who are much too young to have their own Facebook account, The Scrapbook feature enables you to add a child ...

Raising digital kids: 10 tips for improving parent-teen relationships
By Annie Fox: You know your child is an adolescent (semi-formed human) when she or he: Gives you attitude over stuff that’s never been an issue before. Refuses to do what you ask. Agrees to do it and then (un)wittingly “forgets” Denies they ever agreed ...

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Featured Video, ConnectSafely’s One Good Thing project

We’ve all seen the stories about trolls, bullies and hate mongers. But guess what? The majority of things that happen online are positive. So the goal of the One Good Thing project is to drown out whatever negativity exists by showing all the great things that people are doing online and with connected technology to make the world (and the Internet) a better place. Share your story at OneGoodThing.org.

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