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int_000008037915Small-200x300ConnectSafely.org is for parents, teens, educators, advocates – everyone engaged in and interested in the impact of the social Web and mobile technology. Here you’ll find tips, safety advice, articles, news, analysis, video and other resources to promote safe and productive use of connected technology.


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Manage Net risk but focus more on opportunities: Researchers
That’s what the authors of the latest “Net Children Go Mobile” report conclude: It’s great that the UK is “in many ways … leading in children’s Internet safety,” but “complacency would be ill-advised” and this success could be leading to ...

EFF launches free Privacy Badger for Firefox and Chrome to block hidden trackers
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF.org) has released its free Privacy Badger plug-in for Firefox and Chrome that shows trackers and widgets that may be surreptitiously recording your web activity. This would include such things as third party tracking cookies placed by ad networks ...

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Featured Slideshow, “Digital Citizenship Redefined”

The presentation that ConnectSafely.org co-director Larry Magid gave at the National PTA
meeting in Austin in June, 2014.

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