12-year-old New Zealander’s mixed-media publishing business

By Anne Collier

I’m a long-time fan of Marie Forleo and other 21st-century media moguls and gurus, interested as I am in how people of all ages make (and make a living with) media in a digital age. So I’ve been following Marie’s story and noticed an interesting plot twist this week. In her MarieTV video, she says she’s been hearing from more and more parents who are sharing her messages of self-love and self-development with their children. So 12-year-old Olivia in New Zealand, a mixed-media publisher herself, popped up in her email in-box (here’s how). Olivia’s using Marie’s marketing advice. Now she has some very smart tips for peers (and adults) on how to publish books or generally start businesses themselves. You and your kids or students will find Olivia’s tips just below the video I’ve linked you to above. If someone in your house or classroom does start writing, vlogging, illustrating, producing videos, or running their own business, will you let me know? Just email me via anne[at]netfamilynews.org.

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