1 billion videos viewed (a day)

That’s what co-founder and CEO Chad Hurley said as he marked the third anniversary of YouTube’s acquisition by Google, the San Jose Mercury News reports. He added that YouTube is seeing more demand for longer format videos, meaning movies and TV shows. “In August, for example, YouTube said it would add clips from Time Warner programming such as ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. The deal allowed Time Warner to set up individual channels and sell ads to accompany the clips, with YouTube taking a share of the revenue.” But just as important as figuring out the revenue stream, I think, is the need for this giant, unwieldy, all-thing-to-all-users site to figure out how to foster more of a sense of community (or communities) which adds a measure of security and well-being and protects both the community and its users from abuse as users feel they’re stakeholders in community well-being. Call it inside-out online safety.

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